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MotoPress Content Editor

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MotoPress Content Editor works perfectly with any WordPress website.

MotoPress Plugin for WordPress
MotoPress replaces the default
WordPress editor and works perfectly with any WP theme.
Content elements enable to create
any post type structure you can
think of.
WYSIWYG editor
Just drag and drop content elements and see how the end design will look like.

Responsive design
Accessible on any computer device.

MotoPress Content Editor is a revolutionary plugin that replaces the default WordPress editor and facilitates the editing of content, articles and custom post types.

Its drag and drop functionality allows users to manage text right in the working area, add built-in content elements and without any tags customize the post.

MotoPress Content Editor is suitable for any WP theme, so you can install it in a few minutes.

What top WordPress resources say about MotoPress:

WPMudevMotoPress offers easy to use front-end and backend editing. Features include support for custom post types, WPML compatibility, extend with your own shortcodes and built-in elements like sliders and galleries for complex layouts.

WebDesignerDepotMotoPress is an exciting plugin that actually replaces the default WordPress editor, providing all of the same functionality, and then some. MotoPress includes a ton of additional elements designed to make your life easier.

WPLiftThis is a polished product – it installs easily and doesn’t have a million options to setup and once it is up and running, using it is intuitive and produces good results.

WPMayorMotoPress allows you to combine the features and functionality of the WordPress editor, while also allowing you to create multi-column and row layouts that can be populated with a wide-range of elements.

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Randy Martinmartindesign.infoFor years, I wanted to use WordPress but put it off because I didn’t understand code or shortcode. MotoPress allows me to take advantage of all the templates out there and in only a few months, I’m getting paid to create websites for my clients. I really love this product.

Coach Rutledgeelitehoopsonline.orgEverything Works Great, Thank! It helps me a ton, I am a retired basketball coach and travel now. I was a pencil and paper coach nothing technical. Now I am building a web site and writing my first book. Bit of a change up for me and tools such as MotoPress make it so much easier.

Lennard Voogdtlennardvoogdt.nlI really like MotoPress and I think it’s currently one of the most intuitive WYSIWYG editors for WordPress.

Sven Nuumeleven.eeWe are using your plugin and extremely happy with it, great job! Sven.