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Top 5 WordPress SEO Trends for 2017

Google search algorithm can be changed quicker (around 500 times per year) than you write blog posts, voice search trend is growing faster than you realize it actually exists, paid ads may decrease trustful relationships with your prospects. These are the realities of SEO and if you take a good care of your WordPress website from this perspective, check out this post to find out more about core SEO trends in 2017.
Seo Tools and Strategies
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Up to 90% Discounts: MotoPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 2016!


The sales countdown period is now finished and you can get a jump on your biggest WordPress holiday shopping! Get a WordPress plugin, theme or addon by MotoPress that you always wanted, with a huge discount, anytime till November 28th. Check out this post to find out more details on each offer and have fun!

The huge Black Friday sale is finished, folks! Hope you enjoy what you got in your WordPress carts 🙂

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Create Separate Demos for all WordPress Products from One Multisite Network

This cool feature appears in a recent version 1.1.4 of the Demo Builder for any WordPress product plugin. For those unfamiliar, this fresh MotoPress tool helps developers and business owners promote the plugins and themes in demo presentations with an additional option of provide the prospects with trial accounts.Thanks to the feedback of our first customers, we’ve made some important improvements to help you stay in tune with your requirements. See what was done and how you can benefit from the updates!
all demos from one multisite network
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Increase the UX Easily: MotoPress Slider for WordPress Version 2.0.0

Have you been waiting for fresh updates of the MotoPress Slider plugin for WordPress? Meet them in a new version 2.0.0! Now your admin toolkit is more intuitive and more powerful, especially in terms of adjusting the slider to various screen sizes of popular devices. As the recent SEO statistics claim, 60% of American adults use smartphones and tablets to search for local product and service, namely, your business or personal project loses almost a half of its potential if mobile and tablet users are not served properly. As on the vast majority of websites the slider comes first on the front page, the matter of mobile optimization became the main field to act on during recent MotoPress Slider plugin improvements. So, let’s get down to the updates!
WordPress Slider Updates
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How to Import Sample Data to Your WordPress Theme

One of the most important steps in testing your WordPress theme with development purposes is filling it with a sample data and defining how the template looks and runs with the actual hypothetical content. As it’s a hard task to add this dummy content manually, this process should be automated: you can either use particular plugins for this purpose or add theme unit test data.
How to import sample content
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Create Awesome Demos of WordPress Products with Our Demo Builder

MotoPress has some great news for developers who create WordPress products for different purposes. We offer a smart organic solution to increase sales or downloads of your works and win people’s trust! It’s realized in a new Demo Builder for any WordPress Product plugin, which aims to help you construct an awesome demo presentation of your WordPress work and give users access to its dashboard for trial testing. Isn’t it the best method to present your WordPress theme or plugin in a way your users want to see it?
wordpress demo builder
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Free Timetable & Event Schedule Plugin Version 2.0.0: Major Improvements

MotoPress Timetable and event Schedule plugin received great publicity from the moment of its official release. More and more customers’ attention, feedbacks and ideas fueled us to look at the plugin potential with fresh eyes and widen its possibilities! Today’s post is devoted to a couple of major enhancements aimed to maximum optimize the timetable to your WordPress theme and overall styles.
free timetable plugin
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