Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress

MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress is a professional tool for building an ultimate hotel management website – from basic rooms and services presentation to setting up and controlling online reservations. It’s perfect for running any hospitality business establishment regardless of the size, function or cost.

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  • License: GPLv2
  • WordPress: 4.5+
  • PHP: 5.3+
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Core features for your hospitality business

reservation form wordpress hotel booking

Reservation Form

The site visitors will be able to place their bookings via a user-friendly website form. The whole process will take 3 logical steps:

  1. input check-in and check-out dates
  2. choose from a search results list
  3. provide personal data to complete a booking

The reservation form is logically structured helping to suite individual search needs of your customers.

room type settings wordpress hotel booking plugin

Accommodation Details

Each room type is fully customizable, so you are free to present it in the best light: add its description, all needed facilities of a chosen type, bed size available in the room, its capacity, and other significant information.

Most people are visuals and they are expecting to see how the room looks in reality. So, you can also make it more attractive by adding a featured image of the room or the entire gallery to show all possible room advantages.

bookings calendar wordpress hotel booking plugin

Bookings Calendar

The plugin comes with one great booking search tool for administrators. All received booking requests with all current statuses are stored at one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view. You are free to search all needed bookings by a room type, period of booking and room status (booked, pending, available, etc). This should significantly simplify your management work with the plugin as well as with the entire hotel business.

seasons for hotel booking plugin

Seasons & Holidays

You are free to implement any prices depending on a season. Namely, apply different prices for a specific period of time. “Season” is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes. The difference in price can be applied for both long periods and short ones (e.g. 2 days), so you have full control over pricing regulation within various custom periods.

rates wordpress hotel booking plugin

Variety of Rates

Based on a number of advantages offered for a specific room, you can set different prices for the same room type – room rates (e.g. double room rate, double room with jacuzzi rate, double room plus breakfast rate, etc). You can also add any custom description next to each room rate listed in the guest’s room search results. The site visitors will be able to choose the most suitable rate feeling that their personal needs are met.

extra services wordpress hotel booking plugin

Extra Services

You may offer additional guest services and facilities such as spa, airport-to-hotel delivery, swimming pool, childcare, tennis, restaurant, etc. The plugin lets you add the entire list of available services to the admin system and then supply any room with the list of available extra services (optionally chargeable). The price for each service can be set either per person or per room. This is a proven tool to bring your hotel occupancy rate to higher percentage and, of course, gift your guests more memorable moments.

custom booking rules

Booking Rules

You have full control over customizing general hotel stay periods: set minimum and maximum days to stay, change a minimum stay period for holiday season, etc. Moreover, you may choose specific dates and mark them as not check-in, not check-out or not stay-in letting the site visitors know that the particular rooms are unavailable at a certain period of time (suitable for temporary corporate hotel reservation, repairing, etc).

email notifications wordpress hotel booking plugin

Email Notifications

Your interaction with guests is almost set up. Website administrator and guests will receive the appropriate emails with booking details, booking status, cancellation notifications, etc. You can edit the content of confirmation, cancellation and other email templates easily with a help of various macros. Moreover, you have some settings to customize the appearance of your email – choose colors, upload logo, etc.

admin or user booking confirmation

Booking Confirmation

You have an alternative to confirm booking requests – give control over booking approval to either user (they automatically approve the request by clicking on a confirmation link in email) or to yourself (you approve it manually via admin panel). Depending on the hotel establishment size and your personal preferences, you are free to select the most optimal way and customize default user and admin notifications accordingly.

shortcodes and widgets wordpress hotel booking

Shortcodes & Widgets

You have a list of available shortcodes to output on the needed pages: availability search form, availability search results, room types listing, services listing, etc. Each shortcode comes with a detailed explanation, parameters and notes so you may rest assured that you’ll have no problems working with shortcodes even without technical help.

theme design integration

In Harmony with Your Theme

You may not worry that your content will look different from your original website appearance – we’ve made sure that everything will work in harmony. The plugin is fully integrated with your theme design, so its content looks like a natural part of your design.

options for developers wordpress hotel booking

For Developers

Developers get a pretty good list of actions, filters, instructions on how to override templates, and other useful tutorials of how to make any tweaks to the plugin if required. So setting up and customizing the plugin for clients should be a smooth process. In addition, a fast-actioning support team and tech forum are at your disposal.

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