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New WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin to Drive Online Guest Reservations

Good news for a variety of hotel establishments! We’ve expanded the product line with one more useful tool – Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress. If it’s your niche and you are thinking about delivering new conveniences and services to enhance guest experience of your website, or have not even started building a hotel website yet – this plugin is ready to perform both tasks. It will help roll up your hotel communication and management into one platform and do your business much easier.

wordpress hotel booking

Why so? The plugin is not limited to implementing online booking service alone – it’s a complete WordPress solution for featuring rooms, rates, services and other information to properly present your entire hotel. Additionally, the travelers won’t only get the idea of what you offer, but will be able to quickly book a needed room without any human interaction or direct communication.

If you’ve got a WordPress website set up (in the process or just think about it), a bit of inspiration and a cool plugin we are talking about, you may just start plain sailing from this post and see how you can create your hotel website with less efforts.

But at first let’s dive into the main features and opportunities of the plugin.

Feature any property type

No matter if you run a huge hotel with multiple rooms, a small hostel or a guesthouse, you are free to present any room types in the best light. You may add a room type title and description, in-room facilities, capacity, bed types, etc. You can also supply each room type with an individual gallery to show all details and advantages of a room.

wordpress hotel booking plugin

Website administrator will see a list of all room types in a clearly categorized section:

room types wordpress

Handy reservation form

Many modern travelers consider online booking option as a natural extension of the hotel, so the plugin comes with a user-friendly room reservation form. It’s quite logical and requires just a couple of steps to be submitted:

– specifying check-in and check-out dates
– choosing the room that fits the criteria
– providing personal data to complete a booking.

wordpress hotel booking

Perfect mobile layouts

In the hospitality technology sector mobile use for reservation continuous to rise. Today, nearly 60% of travelers book hotels using a mobile device and this number is increasing. We made sure that your site pages created with our plugin will look properly and stylish on each screen.

hotel booking plugin

Hotel services

Usually, there are tons of extra services a hostel establishment can provide. Some of them are better to be preordered while online room reservation process. With the plugin it’s an easily doable task – when setting up a room type you can tie the available services to it and show on the Reservation page allowing users book them right away.

The plugin settings also allow you to set the charge terms – whether a price charged for a room or a person and how often (once or per night). A great way to make guests feel that they are offered more than usual. Moreover, a great way for you to gain additional revenue.

wordpress hotel booking plugin

Fits your theme design

The content created with plugin will look like a natural part of your theme design, so there is no need to adjust styles additionally. Just do your content work, design will look great.

Update! We’ve added 15 different themes for the Search Availability calendar, so the plugin will look even better in your theme!

Seasons and holidays

Of course, the pricing in your hotel depends not only on world economic situation, hotel stay-in may be cheaper in winter and more expansive in summer or vice versa. That’s why the plugin lets you divide a year into different “seasons” (fully customizable option – this can be a month, year, day, couple of days, etc) and set different prices for each of them. Once the seasons are added, you’ll be further able to add prices.

wordpress hotel booking plugin


Want to present the same room type but with different benefits or payment terms? No problem – just set various rates for the room type and let guests choose the most suitable for their search requirements. This may be a double room standard refundable vs double room standard not-refundable, for example. Simply supply each rate with a description and your guests will be able to understand the difference faster.

wordpress hotel booking plugin

Generate rooms

If there are a lot of real rooms of the same room type in your hotel, you may add the same ones in clicks without doing a repetition work. You can generate a needed number of rooms when adding a new room type or under a separate section Accommodation > Generate rooms.

Booking Calendar

When everything is set up, your online hotel is up and running and new booking requests arrive, you may view all of them in Booking calendar – it makes it easy to quickly sort all bookings and find the needed one with any status.

wordpress booking calendar

Global and custom booking rules

The system of booking rules is very flexible and you can tweak it in different ways. Basically, you have two main options of applying booking rules – general and custom.

Configuring general settings you should specify maximum and minimum stay-in term possible in your hotel. However, if any planned or unexpected events take place (like full hotel reservation, repairing) you may set custom booking rules for a specific periods specifying not check-in, not check-out and not stay-in dates.

wordpress hotel booking plugin

Booking multiple accommodations

One of our new features released in June, 2017! Your guests can reserve multiple rooms at a time – during one reservation process. Moreover, you may set the plugin to recommend the best set of accommodations according to a number of guests – or, if the guest doesn’t like the recommendations, they can choose the needed ones from the list manually.

wordpress hotel room booking plugin

Booking confirmation and email notifications

You may choose who confirms a booking request – administrator or a user. If you want to have a full control over each request – set admin confirmation mode and approve each booking manually. Otherwise, let users click on a confirmation link to confirm booking automatically.

You can also customize the appropriate emails for admin and user (like confirmation, cancellation notifications, etc). It’s easy to make your emails more brand-looking as you can set colors and upload your logo along with adding your text content.


Adding shortcodes is the easiest task. Under Accommodation > Shortcodes you have a full list of available shortcodes to place to the needed pages when the rest of content is already added. Each shortcode comes with a clear explanation of how it works so you should not get lost.


We’ve also prepared a step-by-step documentation for you to get started easier and understand the logic of the plugin faster.

Interested how it looks in reality? Take a quick look at the demo:

Plugin Demo (frontend and backend)

To recap, MotoPress Hotel Booking for WordPress is an awesome solution for building a sustainable hospitality business online – from giving your hotel great visual attractiveness online to full management and room reservation services. So, if your hotel occupancy rate leaves much to be desired, probably you should start fixing it today?

Update! We’ve just released an awesome WordPress theme for hotel establishments powered by the Hotel Booking plugin! Make sure to check it out!