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Top WordPress Membership Plugins for Any Project

The problem with choosing a right WordPress Membership plugins is actually the number of different problems it should solve. The needs of all projects are very diverse and there is simply no universal solution.

best wordpress membership plugins

You’ll probably spend a lot of time evaluating all available plugins and figuring out which...

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8 Quick And not Dirty WordPress Security Tips

Why do so many people think that WordPress is insecure? This is one of the top important questions and ongoing discussions in the WordPress space. And while lots of developers overestimate or underestimate WordPress security, many users couldn’t care less.

wordpress security tips

People simply don’t have time or wish to dig into...

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Opening the MotoPress Membership Club

We are rolling out ideas, facing challenges and developing new WordPress products for almost 4 years. There is already a good bunch of plugins and themes, I must say!

WordPress membership by MotoPress

And we decided that this is the time to launch the MotoPress Membership Club! We want to give you access...

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Useful WordPress Plugins to Integrate Your Site with Google Services 2017

Figuring out how to integrate your WordPress website with a couple of useful Google services? It should not be difficult! There are lots of reliable WordPress plugins that are ready to connect your site with popular Google services. wordpress plugins for google services In this post you’ll find SEO and Google Analytics tools for WordPress (which are useful for all WordPress sites no matter their niche ), popular advertising Google Adsense plugins, and some multifunctional tools to add useful Google functionality to your site.
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