There are few ways to customize default output of Restaurant Menu content, menu item page, category layout, widgets, etc:

– using actions and filters.
overriding plugin templates

Override post type page and category templates

In order to override plugin templates you should copy template file from plugin folder, paste it to root folder of your active theme and modify this file.

For example: to override Menu Item page template you should copy file at
wp-content /plugins/mp-restaurant-menu/templates/ single-mp_menu_item.php
paste to
wp-content /themes/yourtheme/ single-mp_menu_item.php
and modify it.


Override parts of page templates

In order to modify parts of template you can also use actions and filters. Or you can override file completely. Note: you should create proper structure:

For example: to override Checkout Cart layout you should copy the following file
wp-content /plugins/mp-restaurant-menu/templates/shop/ checkout-cart.php
paste it to
wp-content /themes/yourtheme/mp-restaurant-menu/shop/ checkout-cart.php.php
and modify it.
If your active theme is Child one the template should be copied to its folder
wp-content /themes/yourtheme-child/mp-restaurant-menu/shop/ checkout-cart.php.php


Templates Search Priority

  • Child Theme
  • Parent Theme
  • Plugin


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  • Matthew Timmons

    Quick question…

    When I click on add item to cart, it says “Error try again later”. No context or anything.

    However, it DOES add it to the card, it just doesn’t give me the normal, “Item added, view Cart thing”. It used it, though.

    • Hi Matthew,
      Please specify whether you modified plugin files or overrode the templates of Restaurant Menu?